A unit is deemed completed upon the issuance of the Authority to Turnover Documentation. (CLEARANCE)


Completion Date:


1. Thirty (30) days for a single condominium unit

2. Forty-five (45) days for a tandem condominium unit

3. Approximately nine (9) months for unit construction.


Once the unit has been declared complete, you may then proceed to inspect and punchlist your new home to check if everything agreed upon is in place.






1. In case some things in the unit need to be rectified following your inspection, these

will be done immediately. However, the completion date may vary, depending on the nature of the things to be fixed.

2. To avoid any delays with the turnover process, please make sure that all required fees and deposits are taken care of before unit turnover.

3. Homeowner Orientation of the community house rules, policies and regulations will be done during the unit turnover. Likewise, the handover kit and welcome present is given upon your acceptance of handover kit and welcome present is given upon your acceptance of the unit. the unit.

4. Upgrades, improvements and other personal modifications to your unit may only be allowed after the official acceptance. Please bear in mind that certain warranties may be voided by alterations.


Clearance requirements


1. For permanent power connection, a MERALCO Service Deposit must be made.
2. Your share of the Real Property Tax (RPT) must also be paid.
3. In case permanent power service is not yet available, a Cash Bond for temporary power

must be issued.
4. Condominium Corporation fees & dues must also be settled.


Requirements for Permanent Power Connection


1. Proof of ownership (CTS / DOAS or CCT)
2. Duly accomplished MERALCO application form
3. Two (2) valid IDs.
4. Duly signed MERALCO waiver
5. Authorization letter (in case the application is being overseen by a representative)


Condominium Corporation Fees & Dues


1. One time Joining / Membership Fee
2. Monthly Association Dues
3. Construction Bond (applicable for units that have been upgraded by their owners)
4. Insurance Premium
5. Real Property Tax of common areas
6. Other Condominium Corporation assessments


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